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“I, Wendigo” Press Release

I got this press release in my mailbox recently. A short story delivered via Twitter, eh? Could be promising.


From 1st – 31st May 2010, writer Sion Smith will exclusively publish the ‘novella’, I, Wendigo via twitter. A new ‘chapter’ will be published each day throughout the month at

The story is the first of four stand-alone horror shorts to be published through twitter this year – with the other three being made available in July, September and November.

“Looking at what’s been attempted through twitter previously, nobody has tried very hard to raise their game to what can be achieved there. twitter is like a restaurant in that it’s their obligation – somehow – to serve up what the customers want. Right now, it’s all chicken nuggets and fries. I don’t see anybody else stepping up to the plate, so I figured I might turn up the heat and see what happens.”

The twitter venture is just one of the projects Sion Smith has slated for 2010. Others include the beginning of the Ashley Stone series with some free short stories and a free weekly podcast of the first Stone novel Carnival of Souls.


Sion Smith is a pop-culture writer based in the U.K. He is now turning his attention to the world of supernatural and horror fiction – for more information, visit:

For other information including interview requests, email direct at:


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