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Tomorrow I’m going to audition for a role in Jebediah, a new slasher film by Joe Ripple and Kevin Kangas, a couple of very big names in the Maryland horror scene. I auditioned unsuccessfully for Kevin’s Fear of Clowns 2, but I have a good feeling about this one. You see, Jebediah takes place in Amish country, which means that for a change my beard is actually an asset. And yes, if I land a part and the directors want me to, I will shave my mustache, a notion that both excites and scares me. It’ll be the first significant change I’ve made to my physical appearance in about ten years, after all.

Check out Jebediah on Facebook, and wish me luck.

Go forth and multiply. Jebediah shall follow and subtract.


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8 years ago ·

Good luck on your audition :)

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